Papersats – Organic Bitcoin Lightning Wallets for micropayment

Year 2020
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Papersats – Organic Bitcoin Lightning Wallets for micropayment

The stack is completely open source. Started with a local Lightning Node and connecting it over VPS - VPN to the clearnet. Using lnbits as wallet accounting system and managing Boltcard NFC Tags.

The motivation is to keep the setup simple and transparent for agents, traders and users. Get inspired by the layers and find your use case.

A pice of paper that carry Bitcoin on the Lightning Network for offline payment with a tap. It stores all the information on QR code and NFC Tag stickers that's needed to manage. Its a digital wallet with an analog backup.

Cash is dirty, heavy and hard to settle up. With papersats cash gets superfluous when it comes to local micropayment.

  • Static Frontend build with Jekyll
  • Lightning Widget with nodeJS
  • Clearnet Node over Wireguard VPN on VPS
  • Raspiblitz Bitcoin Node
  • LNbits Wallet Management
  • Boltcard NFC Wallet Access
  • many more as mentioned in CREDITS