Gemeinwesenarbeit und Quartiersmanagement in Niedersachsen

Year 2020
Category Portal

Gemeinwesenarbeit und Quartiersmanagement in Niedersachsen

A comprehensive internet portal was developed with the aim of optimizing the application process and project funding management.

Associations have the opportunity to independently submit funding applications through an online form. In addition, reports can be entered by the LAG and applicants. These can be graphically presented for further processing through extensive filter functions.

An integrated CRM allows for the management of contacts, project sponsors, and areas, simplifying communication with members significantly.

A detailed public project presentation, as well as a multi-user blog article and event management, support association members in publishing the current development status on the internet.

  • Project implementation based on Drupal 7
  • Site building, design & responsive theming
  • User and profile management
  • CRM management with group function
  • Funding application management with PDF generation
  • Form-guided annual report management
  • Evaluation filters with presentation
  • Multi-user blog system and event management
  • Public project presentation and multimedia integration
  • Map presentation and filtering functions with clustering